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This page provides FREE materials that can be utilized by individuals, schools, agencies and community groups in order to help you better understand the STOP-DWI Program and our mission to prevent the unnecessary and tragic injuries and fatalities that result from this crime.

All information can be downloaded and/or copied. Please also visit the many links below that can provide additional information or contact your local
STOP-DWI Coordinator

Be sure to take a look at our Toolkit Wiki page – this is a one stop location for many of our up to date educational materials.  

New York State STOP-DWI Resource Toolkit – Stop DWI Toolkit

STOP-DWI NY Videos, Public Service Announcements and Commercials

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Visit Power to the Parent for media campaign ideas on the topics of underage drinking, prom safety and marijuana facts.


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Studies And Presentations

A recent study conducted by the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research found that the involvement of drugs is a serious issue in fatal crashes, with one out of six fatalities (16%) being drug-related.  Click here to view the January 2013 ITSMR Research Note – Drivers Ticketed for Drug Impaired Driving on New York Roadways. 

The purpose of this guide is to assist officials and members of the public interested in establishing an impaired-driving task force at a local or regional but not statewide level or who are exploring ways to improve their current task forces. 2011 NHTSA study

Impaired Driving in New York State – ITSMR reports of their studies relating to drinking and driving. Click here to see more.

Click here to view and download the 2014 historical review of NYS STOP-DWI as presented at the 2014 Highway Traffic Safety Symposium.

Click here to review an article published in The Week (November 8, 2013) relating to Texting and Driving

Prom Or Graduation Preparation

Many Anti-Drunk Driving Campaigns have made their way to New York’s educational efforts. As a result of the combination of the advertising, legislative change and Police enforcement we have seen the fatality figure fall over the years. Many commercials have been put to air over the last 30 years. We all have our favorites, with images and words that are burned into our memories. These commercials have created a culture of road safety that consistently results in a lower fatality rates.

Click here for graphic video of DWI related crashes.

Remember your prom experience?  While some things have changed, other pressures are exactly the same.

Many adolescents go to the prom with someone they don’t know well, or know only as a classmate or friend. And, since most prom activities are often un-chaperoned, many teens may feel pressured to engage in inappropriate behavior with their prom date.

Many teens will use alcohol and/or drugs to cope with the stresses they face during prom night. In addition, the use of these substances can cause relaxation, loss of inhibitions and altered perceptions. It can also cause them to make questionable choices and get involved in other behaviors that put their health and safety at risk.

For more information visit Power to the Parent

Drinking And Driving Shatters Lives

Anti-DWI campaign produced for the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and New York State Broadcasters Association in 2010. Spot tells the true story of the tragic death of 7-year-old Katie Flynn, who was killed when a drunk driver hit the limo she and her family were riding in head-on while driving the wrong direction on the Meadowbrook Parkway on Long Island. Starring the parents of Katie Flynn, and includes actual dash cam footage of crash, crash photos, and video/photos of Katie that day.

Click here to view the TV Public Service Announcement.

Click here for the electronic version of the publication “Shattered Lives” (contact your local STOP-DWI Coordinator for printed copies)


ITSMR has created “Fact Sheets” that compile statistics into charts and graphs.  Click here to view the fact sheets.

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New York’s STOP-DWI program is the Nations’ first and, to date, only self-sustaining impaired driving program. Other States have implemented components of self-sufficiency, but none to the degree of New York State.