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Henry A. Rivera

It was an emotional night at a Wegmans store in Irondequoit Sunday. The store at Hudson and Titus hosted a vigil for two coworkers who recently died in a car crash.

Pedro Hernandez, 20, and Henry Rivera, 18, were not only colleagues at Wegmans, they were also students. Hernandez attended MCC, while Rivera was a senior at East Ridge High School.

Both died in a crash on 590 in Brighton two weeks ago. Hernandez and Rivera and another friend who survived the crash were coming home from the movies when the crash happened.

State police said Herman Bank, 37, was going the wrong way on 590 when he crashed into their car. Bank is charged with vehicular manslaughter. Police also said his ability was impaired by drugs.

One hundred people turned out for the vigil at the Wegmans parking lot at Hudson and Titus.

“Remembering is keeping the smile, the laughter, the song of Pedro and Henry alive in our hearts,“ said Lawrence Tracy, of St. Michael’s Church.

Henry Rivera’s mother Migdalia Rivera said, “I miss my son’s hugs and kiss every morning and every night. Henry was my life.”

The pain caused by the tragic loss of the two men runs deep. Memories left in the hearts of those who knew them, runs deeper.

“My son Henry was one of the best friends I ever had. He was probably the best big brother a brother could have. He was the best son a mother could have,” said Rivera’s father, Henry Rivera Sr.

The vigil at Wegmans helped the people who miss Rivera and Hernandez honor their memories.

“One thing I promised my big brother before he passed was I promise I will make him proud. I don’t see this as a goodbye, but a see you later,” said Juan Carlos-Torres, Hernandez’s brother.

Henry Rivera never made it to his high school graduation. His parents said he was their greatest teacher.

“I know he is with God and looking down on us saying, mom, don’t worry, I’m in a better place. You’re just missing my physical being,” said Rivera’s mother, Migdalia Rivera.

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