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Deadly Driving Legislation in New York Receiving More Attention and Support

Many drugged drivers are unfairly enjoying their freedoms after being involved in vehicular crashes in New York State. Communities and families are not feeling a sense of justice. However, a proposal, often referred to as the “Deadly Driving Bill” could change that.

As of November 2023, New York State law enforcement can only arrest drugged drivers if they are under the influence of controlled substances named on a public health list. That means that unlisted drugs cannot be used to detain, arrest, and charge offenders who are involved in drugged driving incidences. This legal loophole is being used to skirt some serious charges.

On Wednesday, November 21st, DWI victims’ families, legislators, officials, and local district attorney staff from Suffolk and Nassau counties attended a press conference to call for a much stronger drugged driving law in the state. Supporters of the bill want it to be passed in the New York State Senate and Assembly. If passed, law enforcement officers could determine if an impaired driver has been using drugs. It would also keep dangerous impaired drivers off the streets, keep them accountable, and help families impacted by tragedies feel a semblance of justice, encouragement, and relief.

Find out more details about the “Deadly Driving Bill” here.

If you support this measure to keep communities in New York State safe from drugged drivers, lend your voice at the Rally For Change on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 in Albany, NY at the Legislative Office Building “Well” and “LCA” Room 130, 198 State St, Albany, NY 12210.

Learn more about the rally and how you can participate.

See important news and photos captured about the November 21st press conference.

Source: News12 Long Island

Safe and sober driving is something we should all be aware of, especially during the holiday season in November and December. Remember, don’t drive high. Don’t drive drunk. Have a plan for a safe and sober ride.