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06-05-2013 High School Seniors at South Seneca participated in a mock crash and DWI arrest simulation which was spearheaded by South Seneca High School Senior Gregory Ganoung.  Ganoung, a volunteer firefighter with the Ovid Fire Department came up with the idea to stage a mock crash and dwi arrest to let his fellow classmates know what to expect if they make the wrong choice to drink and drive. 

A crashed vehicle was staged in the parking lot at South Seneca High School and fellow students Jonathan Jaramillo and Oliver Wick posed as the vehicle driver and passenger.  Ovid Firefighter’s responded to the simulation along with South Seneca Ambulance and Seneca County Sheriff’s Deputies.  Firefighters performed an extrication using the Jaws of Life to free Wick from the vehicle and South Seneca Ambulance personnel treated the injured.  Seneca County Sheriff’s Deputies simulated the various field tests that a person suspected of driving while intoxicated would undergo with Jaramillo.  At the completion of the field tests Jaramillo was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated and lead away in handcuffs. 

Through each stage of the simulation, Ovid Firefighters, South Seneca Ambulance and Sheriff’s deputies explained what each department was doing to give students a first-hand look at all that’s involved in a crash.  Ganoung in addressing his fellow classmates said “I wanted to do this mock simulation so you would see all that goes on if you are involved in a crash and what to expect if you make the wrong choice to drink and drive.  As we are getting ready to graduate there will be parties and some will have alcohol available – this is what you face if you make the wrong choice to drink and drive.”

Seneca County STOP-DWI Coordinator Gary Sullivan praised Ganoung for putting all the work into this mock simulation to teach the dangers of drinking and driving.  “It is a testament to our youth that Greg, with little more than two weeks planning put this simulation together.  It demonstrates his concern for his fellow classmates that he wanted them to see up front and personal all that goes on during a crash and suspected DWI arrest.  His presentation certainly made and impression with his classmates and we congratulate him for putting this simulation together.  Greg is planning for an even bigger and better mock simulation for next year” said Sullivan.