Orange County

Craig Cherry, Coordinator
Christina Hale, Admin.
Orange County Emergency Services Center - STOP DWI & Traffic Safety
22 Wells Farm Road
Goshen, NY 10924

Officer Jermaine Galloway presented “High in Plain Sight” to 400 professionals from law enforcement, school and community groups t the Emergency Services Center in Orange County



Chris Hale, STOP-DWI Administrator joins Commissioner Barbara Fiala as she makes the announcement about the new STOP-DWI mobile app – “Have a Plan”




The staff at Kelly Jeans Restaurant, Goshen, NY promoting
the new STOP-DWI mobile app – “Have a Plan” with bar
coasters provided by the STOP-DWI Foundation. 






Marianne Angelillo writes about the untimely death of her 17-year old son Matt in a drunk driving crash and the excruciating trudge to go on.

Through her public high school presentations, the production of four travelling videos and enthusiastic collaboration with local and state prevention networks, she demonstrates the impact one parent can have when compelled to be a change agent for teens.

Marianne Angelillo and Brian Strommer, parent of Brian Strommer killed in a drunk driving crash in Orange County,  at her first book signing in New Jersey.   Brian is a speaker for the Orange County Victim impact Panel and found much comfort in visiting with Marianne. 

Marianne's heartfelt book, Sharing My Stones is available for purchase at the link below.