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NY State STOP-DWI Association


  • Reduce the number of persons killed or injured in alcohol and other drug-related traffic crashes
  • To promote DWI prevention as a public priority
  • Coordinate local efforts in Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Probation, Rehabilitation, Public Information, Education, and Administration.

The New York State STOP-DWI Association, Inc[1]. is comprised of the duly-appointed STOP-DWI Coordinator of each county and the City of New York.  Individually and collectively, the coordinators carry out their statutory mandate to reduce the incidence of deaths and injuries caused by drunk and/or drug-impaired drivers through the development and administration of plans combining strategies for increased enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, probation, rehabilitation, education, and public information.    The Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas as well as the creation, development and administration of new and innovative approaches for dealing with the drinking and/or drug-impaired driver. It also serves as a vehicle to advocate for public policy to further the goals of the NYS STOP-DWI Program -- a Statewide initiative funded wholly by fines collected from convicted drivers, and which has received Presidential and Congressional recognition for its innovative self-sufficient approach.

The Association acts as a resource to the county programs by providing a website and Facebook page as well as establishing list serves for county coordinators and county prosecutors to facilitate real-time communication regarding legal strategies and best practices.           

In addition our Association member dues help to provide school and community groups with cutting-edge educational materials through our website including a Vimeo channel with videos and public service announcements, Power Point presentations and access to the latest research in the field.           

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[1] Formerly, the New York State STOP-DWI Coordinators Association.


The Foundation is formed to interact with federal, state and local governments and the communities thereof.  This interaction facilitates the exchange of ideas and the creation, development and administration of new and innovative approaches for dealing with the drinking and/or drug-impaired driver. 

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The success of STOP
DWI in New York:

Programs fully
funded by revenues
generated from DWI convictions.