Westchester Hosts "Healthy Teen Brain Day"

As you know, 4/20 is recognized by many as Marijuana Day – a day to smoke and get high.  Here in Westchester, we choose to celebrate 4/20 as Marijuana Prevention Day.  We reclaimed the day and declared it - Healthy Teen Brain Day.

The Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino, along with 26 local coalitions and municipalities,  joined together to declare 4/20 Healthy Teen Brain Day in Westchester. The coalitions and municipalities gathered together on the steps of the Westchester County Center at 4:20p to celebrate the proclamations.  We had 8 students from our countywide Youth to Youth group speak and declare (several spoke in Spanish as well) why they are drug free.  It was a  wonderful celebration for all especially for the youth of Westchester, the majority of who choose to be drug-free.