Orange County STOP-DWI Recognized with Richard Novelli Award

The Novelli Award was instituted to honor the memory of L. Richard "Dick" Novelli, who died of cancer in 1993 while serving as the STOP-DWI Coordinator and Traffic Safety Director for Niagara County.  Because of Dick’s role as an educator, the award is given to programs that further STOP-DWI and/or traffic safety principles through community education.  Primary considerations are the program's impact on the community, the originality of the design, the incorporation of either STOP-DWI or traffic safety principles, and the adaptability of the program to other communities. Consideration is also given as to whether the program could be used regionally or on a statewide basis. Some previous honorees include school assembly programs, victim panels designed for high school students, special events designed to promote STOP-DWI or traffic safety programs where the designer or originator was a community member as opposed to an employee of a local program.

During the 2015 New York Highway Safety Annual Fall Symposium held in Binghamton, the Orange County STOP-DWI Program was recognized with the "Richard Novelli Award".  Pictured from left to right:  Chief Sal Trentanelli,  NYS Traffic Safety Board President; Michele James, Vice-Chair of the NYS STOP-DWI Association and Christina Hale and John Jones of the Orange County STOP-DWI Program.  Congratulations!