Lifetime Achievement Award

DRUSILLA MALAVASE, of the Ontario County STOP-DWI program.  Dru was appointed in 1984 as the assistant coordinator of civil defense in Ontario County.  Her boss was also the STOP-DWI coordinator and for many years she served as his assistant.  In 2003 she was appointed and the STOP-DWI coordinator for Ontario County.  In her nearly thirty year involvement with STOP-DWI she played a vital role in promoting educational programs, enforcement activities, prosecution, probation and treatment program involvement along with victims impact panels and data collection.  Dru is recognized throughout New York State as the go to person for data or questions on which programs work and which do not. 
Dru has done an excellent managing the STOP budget, being able to function as a financially self-sustaining alcohol and highway safety program.  It is very challenging to balance the needs of education, treatment providers, prevention programs, law enforcement and prosecution.  Dru has done an excellent job meeting these demands and providing one of the most successful STOP-DWI offices in New York State.  Without a doubt Ontario County would not be recognized throughout the entire state as a leader in prosecution of DWI offenders and having the highest trained patrol officers for DWI detection and arrest if it weren’t for the thirty years of commitment by the STOP-DWI Coordinator, Dru Malavase.
Along with fulfilling the role of STOP coordinator in Ontario County Dru has remained an active and vital part of both the statewide STOP-DWI Association and the STOP-DWI Foundation.