Franklin County Underage Buyer Detail

Franklin County STOP-DWI conducted an Underage Buyer Detail in conjunction with the Malone based New York State Police on Saturday February 4th.   In this detail we have an underage buyer attempt to purchase alcohol from local establishments that sell alcohol products in northern Franklin County.

     A total of 22 businesses were checked.  Of the 22 businesses checked 5 of them sold alcohol to our underage buyer.   Those businesses are:

1)         Red Tavern                             Santa Clara

2)         Lizzie Ann’s                            Constable

3)         American Legion                    Chateaugay

4)         Chateaugay Bowling Alley     Chateaugay

5)         Chateaugay Sunoco                Chateaugay

    In each of these cases the person selling the alcohol to our minor was charge with one count of prohibited sale of an alcoholic beverage under the NYS ABC law.  They were given appearance tickets to appear in local criminal court.  In addition, a police referral was completed and forwarded to the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control on each establishment.  Franklin County STOP-DWI conducts several random Underage Buyer Details a year throughout Franklin County.  People need to understand that underage drinking is not a minor problem, it’s an adult problem.  As adults given the authority to sell alcohol we have the responsibility and obligation to keep that alcohol out of the hands of our children and to protect our youth.  

We would also like to congratulate the other 17 establishments who refused to sell alcohol to our underage buyer. It is as important to say great work to all the clerks who continue to help keep alcohol out of the hands of our underage youths.