Exhibits Available

The Lewis Henry Morgan Institute’s One Second Exhibit Series explores the stories of crash victims across New York State. These forensic-style exhibits focus on high-risk factors such as: the combination of driving and alcohol and/or drug use, excessive speed, and distractions, such as phone use and texting while driving. In addition, the importance of seat belt use is underscored in cases where a lack of seat belt use greatly increased the severity of a victim’s injuries or contributed to a victim’s death.

“The power lies in the telling of the lives of the victims... the timeline of the crash where you

see how a series of easily-made decisions has a terrible result.”

– Dr. Andrew Wolfe, Executive Director

Each exhibit includes:

  • Artifacts: Personal items from the crash victims, such as: photographs, clothes, drawings and sports equipment
  • Statements: Accounts from survivors, family members, friends and members of the community affected by the crash
  • Newspapers: Local news coverage of the crash
  • Timelines: The chain of events leading up to the crash and the events immediately following
  • Aftermath: Victim’s statements read at trial and the outcome of any court proceedings available at the time of the exhibit’s creation

The "Prescription Drug Exhibit" portrays people whose lives were put in danger by someone's choice to mix prescription drugs and driving.  This display detailing the dangers of driving while under the influence of powerful prescription drugs is striking and cautionary.  Large, freestanding, vertical panels contain newspaper articles, timelines, personal statements, and profiles of the drivers and victims.

Three Upstate New York traffic incidents are described, in which drivers who underestimated the effects that prescription drugs would have on their ability to drive safely killed a total of five people.  The three drivers were coincidentally all women in their fifties, not the kind of people you expect to cause murder and mayhem on the roads.

The victims were an 11-year old girl, sitting in the back seat of a van that was rear-ended at a school bus stop, an adult male bicyclist who was run over and dragged up the road, and three women who were struck and killed while standing in the covered front entryway to a church!

Visit http://stopdwi.org/resources-travelingexhibits to view information and the schedule for display of the many exhibits that are available.