Attorney Kavaney Recognized

MARY KAVANEY, an Attorney formerly with the Executive Office of the Governor.  Prior to her employment with the Governor, Mary was the acting Secretary for Public Safety, Assistant Secretary for Public Safety and a part of DCJS.  Ms. Kavaney has spearheaded reforms to vehicular crimes statutes and regulations that have made a substantial difference.  She has demonstrated a unique capacity to listen to the issues that concern law enforcement, prosecutors and victims and has tenaciously fought to accomplish change.  There is no question that Leandra’s Law would not exist in New York State without Mary Kavaney.  She was the moving force behind getting the legislation drafted, negotiated and passed.  Beyond the passage of the law, Ms. Kavaney also led the essential process of developing the regulations that form the framework of Leandra’s Law implementation.  When roadblocks were created she worked to close the loopholes through support of amending legislation and working with DMV to provide better access to registration data to be used in the process.  In her role in the Governor’s office, she worked to give law enforcement access to DMV data, guided the creation of regulations and procedure to allow access to LAWMAN (DMV registration files) and LENS (license event notification system), DMV photo file, lifetime driving records and permitting the adjournment of the safety hearings until after the conclusion of the criminal case to avoid compromising the prosecution.  She pushed for permanent denial of license reapplications after a defendant has 5 or more alcohol related incidents.  This denial functions in conjunction with our interlock laws.  STOP-DWI, MADD, Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and victims lost a true friend and advocate when Ms. Kavaney decided to continue her legal career in the private sector.  She deserves our thanks for all of her tenacity, effort and accomplishments on behalf of justice.  Congratulations to Attorney Mary Kavaney.

Picture:  Mary Kavaney (left) with Michele Fonda of MADD NY congratulating her.