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New York’s DWI laws are strict for drivers under 21. License sanctions are longer and the level at which a U21 driver is considered impaired is much lower. Refer to the links on the Consequences page for a comparison of DWI laws for U21 Drivers. Click here to view NY’s Zero Tolerance Law
Thinking about hosting a teen party with alcohol? Think again.

Some adults are tempted by the notion that if they “host” or “supervise” a party where teens are drinking, they can control the dangers. Experience shows that this isn’t the case, and that adults who do so can be financially and criminally liable.

There are criminal penalties for serving alcohol to those under 21. Depending on where you live, aside from the embarrassment and humiliation of an arrest, you could end up in jail.

Under New York State law if you serve alcohol to teenagers you could be civilly liable if they hurt themselves or someone else. That means you could be sued for damages and therefore whatever you have managed to save or accumulate could be sold or collected to satisfy a judgment. It is no defense to these charges that you did not think the teenager was drunk. You are responsible as the property owner.

Interactive Traffic Safety Performances:

For more than twenty years, Safety Education has partnered with Family Life Theatre to bring interactive, traffic safety performances to high schools throughout New York City. In addition to these professional performances, a residency program gives students the opportunity to be writers, directors and actors. Now in its third year, the YES Theatre Residency program continues training students to create their own traffic safety messages and present them to audiences of their peers. Click here to view the video brought to you by NYCDOT and Family Life Theatre’s Safety Residency Program.

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