The Foundation is formed to interact with federal, state and local governments and the communities thereof.  This interaction facilitates the exchange of ideas and the creation, development and administration of new and innovative approaches for dealing with the drinking and/or drug-impaired driver.  Our Foundation has been designated a Public Charity.  Click to view our Charity Designation

The Foundation is also instrumental in disseminating information and seeking public and private funding in support thereof.

Members of the NYS STOP-DWI Foundation Board:         

  • Chris Marion-Chairperson (Broome)
  • Reggie Crowley-Vice Chair (Columbia) 
  • John Winchell-Treasurer (Washington)
  • Deborah Stitt - Secretary (Ulster) 
  • Craig Cherry (Orange), Leslie Berger (Rockland), Matt Landers (Genesee), Lloyd Hoskins (Cayuga) and John Sullivan (Erie) 

2017-2018 Foundation Grant:

Public Education and Awareness

  • Signage & informational material for sports venues, NYS Fair and point of purchase campaigns
  • Educational Material for STOP-DWI Mobile App
  • Travel for Foundation members to meetings, conferences, trainings, work groups pertaining to grant activities
  • Travel for Foundation members to attend National Conferences related to impaired driving
  • 8 full day and 7 half day trainings for coordinators, law enforcement and other partners
  • STOP-DWI / MADD Recognition Event
  • Digital Imagery & Data Visualization Development for web and Facebook
  • Mobile App maintenance, revisions and updates
  • Sports Venues - media promotion & production
  • Update traveling exhibits to new format
  • Grant Administration

STOP-DWI Crackdown Enforcement & DRE Callout Reimbursement

  • Enforcement Details during 8 designated 'crackdown' periods
  • Printed Cards announcing enforcement activity details
  • Educational Signage
  • DRE callout reimbursement
  • Grant Administration

Enhancing the Impaired Driving Enforcement Training (DRE)

  • Printed materials for DRE and ARIDE trainings and certifications
  • Expenses for instructor & some student travel
  • Equipment for DRE's including tablets and software
  • Expenses for conducting DRE certification schools
  • Expenses related to DRE re-certifications
  • Compensation for services of instructors and other support persons
  • Grant Administration

"Have a Plan" MOBILE APP:

The New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee and the NYS STOP-DWI Foundation are proud to release our Have A Plan mobile app.  This app provides you with a timely and convenient resource that enables you to locate and call a taxi service, program a designated-driver list, educate yourself on Blood Alcohol Content levels  as well as information on DWI laws and penalties or even report a suspected impaired driver. Available for Apple, Droid, and Windows smart phones.   CLICK HERE for more information and to download the app

Educational Exhibits that explore the Stories of Crash Victims and the Tragic Consequence of Risky Behavior.

Each exhibit includes:

  • Artifacts: Personal items from the crash victims.
  • Statements: Accounts from survivors.
  • Newpapers: Local news coverage of the crash.
  • Timelines: The chain of events leading up to the crash and the events immediately following.
  • Aftermath: Outcome of court proceedings.

Click Here to view One Second Everything Changes brochure. For more information or to book an exhibit, contact your local STOP DWI Coordinator (visit the county initiatives page for contact information).

Click Here to view the slide share of Courage to Serve brought to you by the Lewis Henry Morgan Institute.

Shattered Lives is a publication originally published by the Broome County STOP DWI Program in 2003 sharing the painful stories of courageous people who were willing to share their stories to prevent future tragedies related to impaired driving. The STOP DWI Foundation has adapted and reprinted the publication in 2005, 2007 and 2010.  Click here to view and download Shattered Lives, the 2010 electronic version.


“The Second Front:  Vietnam” was recently displayed in Washington County:

The Lewis Henry Morgan Institute, SUNY-IT, Utica, presented “The Second Front: Vietnam,” a forensic-style exhibition that relates the stories of combat veterans committed to exposing the Second Front— the internal battle with combat trauma that manifests as erratic and impaired driving on American roads. The exhibit is made possible through funding by the National Highway Safety Administration with a grant from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

Vietnam combat veterans Capt. Mike McMahon, US Army-Ret. (65-72) and Corp. Jack Michael-USMC (69-71) provided narratives for the exhibit they took part in explain the Second Front and the issues that Vietnam veterans faced when they returned, not knowing that they had PTSD. They also discussed the issues of impaired driving and drinking alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD. Congressman Paul Tonko opened the exhibit with comments also provided by Stratton VA Director Linda Weiss, Assembly Jack McEneny and Lewis Henry Morgan Institute, SUNY-IT Curator Denis Foley, Ph.D.

The Stratton VA has been recognized nationally for its program which addresses returning Veterans and erratic driving behavior. Issues such as reckless driving and DWI have been attributable to some Combat experiences. VA has been working with various Judges and courts on Vet Court, a way to help struggling Veterans who might otherwise be lost in the legal system caused by issues brought on through combat service and experience. The program helps identify behavior, helping Veterans by providing access to various programs that can address the root cause of specific issues. Programs like these enable the legal system and VA to provide treatment options to incarceration, helping Veterans regain their lives, reintegrating them into society once again as productive citizens.