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2019 Victim Impact Panel Schedule

Wednesday, February 13th

Wednesday, April 17th

Wednesday, June 12th

Wednesday, August 14th

Wednesday, October 16th

Wednesday, December 4th


Requirements For All Participants:

¨ Must bring a money order for $20, payable to “Madison County Treasurer” and a  picture ID, such as license, passport, etc.

¨ Attendees can sign in beginning at 5:00PM and the session starts promptly at 5:30PM. No admittance to the class after 5:30 p.m.

¨ Will be breathalyzed upon arrival.  Readings cannot register over 0.00 BAC.


*Pre-registration IS required by calling:     (315) 697-3947 Space is limited.  If you are unable to attend, please notify us immediately so we can fill your spot.


Questions please call or email: Debbie Cassidy,  VIP Administrator

 (located above the Chase Bank)

112 Farrier Ave., Suite 314, Oneida, New York   13421

For the month of April, NYE Ford in Oneida and University Dodge in Hamilton will be running a campaign in recognition of Alcohol Awareness Month through STOP DWI Madison County.  Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood was impressed by the effort in Hamilton last year through the Hamilton Area Community Coalition and thought it would be wise to bring the effort around the county further. With each car sold, the sales representative or manager will place a STOP DWI Promo Goody Bag in each car prior to giving the new owner the keys. Each person who buys a new car will be told why the dealership is participating and remind them of the consequences of driving while impaired. Cars serviced throughout the month will receive a lanyard or keychain when they receive their keys back at University Dodge as another reminder not to drink and drive. Informational materials regarding DWI and Drug-Impaired Driving have been placed throughout the dealership for customers to read as they wait.


Police Chiefs from all of Madison County were invited to participate and help kick off the event at NYE Ford in Oneida. Many came to show their support and dedication to the cause. Law enforcement and first responders are on the front lines every day and would like to remind people not to drive under the influence because they have reported to many tragedies and have seen the impact. Remember to have a safe and sober plan to get home safe if you choose to drink. Sales representatives and managers were asked to give a bag to each new car owner and explain the purpose of the giveaways to the customer to raise more awareness around the driving while under the influence.

Alc%20Awareness%20month%20w-%20all%202019%20websize.jpg Alc%20Awareness%20month%202019%20websize.jpg Alc%20Awareness%20month%20w-%20police%202019%20websize.jpg

Group%20Shot.jpg  Mustangs Drop the Puck on DWI 

Morrisville Mustangs Men’s Ice Hockey fell to the Brockport Golden Eagles on Saturday but rose to the occasion and continued to raise awareness regarding STOP DWI.  SUNY Morrisville’s Athletic Department and Chief Paul Field, Chief of University Police, believed this was a great way to reach and educate the student population, especially the day before the Super Bowl.

As supporters entered, they received a stress hockey puck with the STOP DWI logo on it, provided by STOP DWI Madison County. As fans walked through the foyer, a table was set up for educational purposes. Fans were able to participate in hockey trivia regarding driving while intoxicated to enter to win Mustang apparel, provided by the athletic department.

Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood, University Police Chief Paul Field, and President David Rogers escorted Mr. Dalton Buss to the ice for the puck drop to honor his brother Kane Buss. Kane Buss, a 2013 graduate of Oneida High School, was killed by a drunk driver in January 2015. Buss was an aspiring law enforcement student. Dalton was accompanied by Mike and Claudette Buss, his fiancé, Morgan Simmons, and close friends as they watched him drop the puck in honor of Kane. The Buss family was available to meet and talk with people throughout the game to share memories and talk about how their lives have been impacted. They gave out pins with pictures of Kane along with bracelets that say #KB31, in remembrance of him. 

Fans heard PSAs throughout the game from the players about safe practices and reminders to have a plan to get home safe when consuming alcohol. Other players talked about driving under the influence of marijuana and how dangerous it is. At the end of the game, Morrisville athletics opened the ice for “Skating with the Mustangs”. People of all ages got on the ice and enjoyed skating along with the team. Even though the team lost, they were winners in a lot of people’s eyes on Saturday. Always remember to have a plan when you are going out because one life taken is one too many.

Mazzie%20with%20Stangs.jpg Puck%20drop%20Morrisville.jpg STOP%20DWI%20SWS.jpg  Team%20with%20Buss.jpg

Buss Family Support


  Canastota High School SADD completed a Sticker Shock for the holidays to remind people in the community that drinking and driving is not acceptable. Students utilized the stickers from STOP DWI with the messages "Wasted. Your Life. And someone else's." and "A drug is a drug is a drug!"


Victory for the Utica Comets and STOP DWI New York

Some people use the term “Blackout Wednesday” or “Drunksgiving” to describe the day before Thanksgiving as it has become one of the largest drinking nights of the year. As a result DUIs and DWIs continue to be of concern to many.

The Utica Comets hosted the Laval Rockets at home in the Adirondack Bank Stadium on the night before Thanksgiving. STOP DWI programs from Madison, Oneida, and Herkimer County were represented to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.  Fans experienced different events throughout the night to get them thinking about their plan to get home safely.

The first 350 people through the gate were given a stress hockey puck with the STOP DWI logo, provided by Madison County STOP DWI. As fans walked through the foyer, an educational table was set up where fans could enter to win a jersey by answering a question regarding driving under the influence.

Madison County STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist, Jennifer Cottet, facilitated the questions and provided handouts such as stadium cups, koozies, pens, and flash lights to remind the fans of sober driving. Alongside them was a driving simulator regarding driving while intoxicated provided by Alliance where virtual reality gave people the opportunity to see their ability while impaired.

Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood, Herkimer County Legislator Jim Bono, and Oneida County Probation Director Dave Tomidy escorted Mr. Dalton Buss to the ice for the puck drop in honor of his brother Kane Buss. Kane Buss, a 2013 graduate of Oneida High School, was killed by a drunk driver in January 2015. Buss was an aspiring law enforcement student.

Dalton was accompanied by Mike and Claudette Buss along with his fiancé, Morgan Simmons they watched him drop the puck. The four of them were given the opportunity to ride the Zamboni in honor of Kane.

Fans saw various PSAs throughout the night featuring the Sheriffs from Madison and Oneida County, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente and Utica Police Chief regarding drinking while driving. There was also a puck shoot where participants were asked to wear beer goggles and shoot into the net. Participants struggled and realized how alcohol can truly impair their ability.

Comets took the night home with a 3-2 win over Laval Rockets. Madison County STOP DWI Coordinator Sergeant Matt White, said “I want to remind everyone to not drink and drive and get a safe ride home”. Have A Plan and be safe this weekend.

Comets%20Zamboni%2011-2018.jpg Comets%20Puck%20Drop%2011-2018.jpg

October 23

In collaboration with University Police at SUNY Morrisville, STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist, Jennifer Cottet, educated students and faculty about the consequences of DWIs. This included costs associated with DWIs and risks they are taking when choosing to drive under the influence. Students were given the opportunity to interact with the University Police through an ice cream social and playing games while wearing beer goggles to understand the impact of alcohol on coordination. AT&T also was present with the texting and driving simulator for students and faculty to experience firsthand how dangerous it can be to take their eyes off the road and look at their smartphone.

Police.jpeg Goggles.jpeg SFST.jpg

SADD%20conf%202018%20websize.jpg  Oneida, N.Y. — Sixty high school students from all over Madison County came together on Friday, Oct. 5, to the annual SADD Conference, sponsored by Madison County STOP DWI.  Madison County was represented by student leaders from Canastota, Cazenovia, Chittenango, DeRuyter, Holy Cross, Madison, Oneida, and Stockbridge.

National Speaker Harriet Turk presented the keynote speech, “Just Be A Resource”, where she focused on teen issues. She empowered each student by challenging their negative thoughts of self-value. She reminded each student that they are not only valuable, but can make a difference in the lives of their peers.

“I am somebody special, if you don’t like me, tough," Turk said, as students took up the chant. "Cause I am cool enough, smooth enough, and doggone it, I am hot enough to be who I want to be."

Students were given the opportunity to rotate around the Kallet Theater and do hands-on activities they can implement in their school. Each activity focused on educating and preventing peers from using alcohol and other drugs. The students and advisors were given resources to do these activities in their schools and communities. Some stations included: chalk the walk; cups in the fence; and airing out tobacco and alcohol’s dirty laundry.

Representing the Sheriff’s Office, STOP DWI Coordinator Sgt. Matt White opened the day with welcoming remarks. Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood also attended the conference and spoke to the students briefly about his experiences regarding underage drinking and DWIs. Hood reminded them they are important and encouraged them to take what they learned back to their schools.

“The conference’s primary purpose was to empower students to be a resource, friendly, kind, and a role model”, said Jennifer Cottet, a prevention education specialist for BRiDGES-Madison County Council on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc. Reality Check provided a T-shirt for every student and advisor present with the message “Just Be.”

August 2nd Race%20Night%202018.jpg

As a sector for the Hamilton Area Community Coalition and sponsor of Sgt. Matt Janczuk's race car, STOP DWI was represented Hamilton Open Greens night. Sectors of the coalition came together to represent the coalition's mission, to empower youth, parents and the community to work together and reduce the impact of substance abuse in the Hamilton, NY. Children were given a "pit pass" with activities on it to complete before winning a prize. Activities included taking the drug-free pledge, answering trivia questions, and meeting Sgt. Matt Janczuk or Sgt. Matt White. After they completed the pit pass, the children were given the opportunity to pick out a prize.



  July 28th

STOP DWI Prevention Education Specialist, Jennifer Cottet, partnered with the Wild Animal Park in Chittenango for the Brewfest. Vendors from around the country were represented and food was provided by Texas Roadhouse along with pizza from a various places. As an effort to prevent underage drinking, ID scanners were used to check IDs at the entrance. Each person received a wrist bracelet, red or yellow, which informed the vendors who could be served. Banners hung throughout the Wild Animal Park with the "STOP DWI. Have A Plan." message to remind those who attended. Prevention Education Specialist, Jennifer Cottet, set up a table and raffled off a free day pass to the Wild for those who took the pledge to drive sober and/or had a plan to get home through a designated driver or Uber/Lyft.

July 12th

As a sector for the Hamilton Area Community Coalition, a booth was set up in Hamilton for First Responders Night. Children were given the opportunity to interact with First Responders including law enforcement officers, fire fighters, campus security, and EMS. They were given the chance to spin the wheel at the STOP DWI table and answer trivia questions about how First Responders help keep their community safe along with tracing their hands on a banner to thank them for their efforts. Parents and young drivers took the pledge to drive sober and were given STOP DWI lanyards and pens for doing so. 


First%20Reponders%20HAM%202018.jpg  STOP%20DWI%20First%20Resp%202018.jpg