"Courtroom Success" Oswego County

COURTROOM SUCCESS provides training focusing on the procedures of the trial, the rules of the courtroom, the expectations of the jury, etc. This seminar gives officers a foundation and structure to support their individual styles, and goes far beyond the “how to dress” and “where to look” rules. This training includes hands-on activities including a mock trial that exposes officers to a wide range of testifying styles, the equivalence of many years of testifying.

WHEN:  Monday, June 24, 2019   8:30 am - 3:00 pm (registration begins at 8 am)

WHERE:  Cayuga Community College, Fulton Campus, 11 River Glen Dr, Fulton, NY

Instructor:      John B. Kwasnoski is a Professor Emeritus of Forensic Physics at Western New England University, after thirty-one years on the faculty.  He is a certified police trainer in more than twenty states, and has instructed prosecutors, police, and civil attorneys on more than 340 occasions across the U.S.  He is the crash reconstructionist on the “Lethal Weapon - DWI Homicide” team formed by the National Traffic Law Center to teach prosecutors how to utilize expert witness testimony and cross examine adverse expert witnesses.  Prof. Kwasnoski has reconstructed more than 1,300 crashes, including multiple and single vehicle, pedestrian, motorcycle, and train crashes and has given sworn testimony on more than 200 occasions.


The NY State STOP-DWI Foundation, Inc., through funding from NHTSA and the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, is pleased to sponsor regional trainings to benefit local STOP-DWI efforts in New York State. This seminar is free of charge and is designed help crash investigators, reconstructionist, DWI enforcement officers and prosecutors  to prepare and present an impaired driving case that involves a crash.